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Why is the West so Afraid of «Russian Hackers∎? — Do They Have Something to Hide, Perhaps? 

Why is the West so Afraid of «Russian Hackers∎? — Do They Have Something to Hide, Perhaps?
Фото: Вести.Ru
— We have our good friend, a political expert, Aleksandr Nekrasov, reporting from London. Aleksandr, thank you for making time. Aleksandr, it looks like the strikes didn't do much good for Theresa May. Less than 30% of the British have supported her. But, she made Russian businessmen 'very happy' today, saying it's time for sanctions. It's time for sanctions! 'Sanctions' is her favorite word. So, what does this mean?
Aleksandr Nekrasov, political expert: First, I want to say that you're right, Volodya. The strikes were not a success. Even more, very unfortunate questions were asked. Why didn't they wait for  experts to collect samples to determine who's guilty? Then, there was a more dangerous question for Theresa May and her government. They had stated they'd bombed labs with chemical weapons. Then how come nobody died? If all those poisonous substances had spread, tens of thousands of people would have died. This means they lied. Right?
Now, the opposition asks them why they didn't wait, why they didn't consult the Parliament. Now, in the best UK traditions, they need to change the subject and change it fast to distract everyone. Thus, now they started talking about a cyber attack on the UK government by the Russian hackers that is being prepared by the Kremlin's orders, of course, to reveal the secrets of the UK government. At the same time, Theresa May and her company began talking about harsher sanctions, and that it was time to take a look at all the wealthy Russians who live there, and see where their money came from. You see, they're shifting the accent, and now we're supposed to forget about those strikes and the brave UK forces' quite lamentable participation in them. This is why they're changing the subject to these sanctions.
— Aleksandr, are there any horrible secrets that wild Russian hackers can reveal to the world? Why are they so afraid? If they have no dark secrets, they have nothing to be afraid of.
— Well, as you understand, of course, there are secrets. There are many rumors around here, and the people in the Parliament behind me are famous for their urge to really let loose, to take a break from all the Parliament work. They like to have fun. So, we may have some idea.
But, another thing matters here. This chain of events overshadows the previous events. Right now, we witness this specific aspect. Do you know what is really odd about this? We're said that the UK intelligence (I emphasize, intelligence) have informed Mrs. May that this brutal cyber attack is being prepared.
What is happening? I must explain to our viewers why these things take place. The UK intelligence had become political in the 1990s. Under , it started playing a role of an underground government agency. For instance, Tony Blair decided to attack Iraq. He goes to them and says, 'Guys, we need a reason. ' So, what is the first reason? The Iraqi people are suffering, they want freedom. The second reason is that they have chemical weapons, they can destroy London in 45 minutes. Was it made up? Of course, it was. They blamed it on the UK intelligence who denied it at first, but then they owned up to saying it.
This scheme is common nowadays. Newspapers always feature odd articles, referring to unnamed intelligence sources. What do the Ministers have to say about this? They say they cannot reveal their sources, or where this information comes from because then everyone would know who their secret agents are and where they are located. It makes no sense, but whatever.
It's still the case. Just recently, these 'unnamed sources' are said to have informed Theresa May and her government that they should beware of the most powerful cyber attack against them. I must say another important thing.
— Thank you. Go ahead. Go ahead, Aleksandr.
-These Internet manipulations that they blame on the Kremlin and on Russia began when the Internet was created, and the West was the manipulator. The US and the UK are front-runners in manipulation. Hundreds of thousands of their agents monitor the worldwide web. They conduct different experiments, conducting their policies. So, when you hear that the internet is full of Russian hackers, it's all lies. They simply quote their own operations.
Thus, I'd like to say the following. Right now, a cyber attack on the honored government has been announced, who knows what secrets will be revealed, so new sanctions are being prepared. Just wait for a few more days, they'll come up with some new sensation. There will be another diversion, and everyone will realize this is all lies, just like all these strikes were, just like all those suits in Salisbury were. Thus, a new illusion must be created, and it will be created.
— Thank you very much, Aleksandr.
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