BREAKING! Russia May Ask the UN Security Council to Help Rescue Scripals From the Brits 

London isn't providing Moscow with answers to questions regarding the Skripal case. The British authorities aren't allowing anyone to see Sergei and his daughter Yulia. Moreover, all evidence related to the poisoning case is being hastily destroyed in the city of Salisbury. Although experts haven't found any traces of Russia's involvement in the case the United Kingdom and its allies continue to accuse Moscow of an attempt on the Skripals' lives.
Valentin Bogdanov is reporting on this in detail.
The deeper London gets entangled in reports and confusing testimonies regarding the Skripal case the acuter the simple question becomes: where are Skripals in this case? When can we see Sergei and Yulia Skripal alive?
Karen Pierce, the UK Representative to : «Yulia Skripal has said that she doesn't want to give a full interview until she's entirely recovered. I think, only Yulia can decide when to do it. As I said, she has the right to use the Russian embassy's assistance, if she so desires. So far, she has made it clear that she doesn't want it. I will provide additional information about her state of health during the session».
Her father Sergei Skripal wasn't mentioned at all despite the fact that nobody has seen either of them since March 4th. In between, the British authorities are deliberately destroying evidence which could shed light on what happened to the former spy and his daughter.
Vasily Nebenzya, Russian Representative to the UN: «Skripal’s pets have been eliminated, with no samples taken from them. Efforts are being taken to do away with all the places the Skripals visited: the bar, the restaurant, the bench, the soil in the park, etc. Paradoxically, ordinary people go on living in Salisbury as if nothing had happened. The truth is of no interest to our Western partners. Not only in this matter. They neither listen, nor hear. In Russian it goes: „You tell them about Thomas, they respond you about Yerem“ (like apples and oranges).
The West neglected the  report, which didn't confirm that Noivichok had originated from Russia. Moreover, the formula for Novichok has been known since 1998; a simple reveals 140 patents regarding this poison's use and the protection against it. Such patents exist also in the US, which continues covering the allies with all their might.
Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN: „This is a weapon of terror and it has no place in the civilized world. We hope our colleagues on this Council will again join us in condemning Russia for using a nerve agent on the territory of another member of the UN Security Council. If we don't stop it now, there will be more deaths“.
Constant references to the fact that Britain is a member of the Security Council aren't accidental. According to this logic, if the incident in Salisbury hadn't happened, it would have been invented. After all, discrediting Russia paved the way for another chemical provocation in Douma, Syria.
Vasily Nebenzya, Russian Representative to the UN: „There is a good reason to say that Salisbury and Douma are interrelated. First, both incidents are provocations, and second, both are blamed on Russia. It is a filthy anti-Russian provocation designed to widen the gap between Russia and the , which seems to be especially important for Great Britain on the eve of Brexit. That's all. To conclude, it seems that the time has come to take on the classics. William Shakespeare said in the play „Henry VI“: „Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind“. Please, take the trouble of at least wrapping your suspicion in some glossy pack to be more convincing. Somehow, it doesn't come out convincing; we're even sorry for you“.
In Eastern Ghouta, however, the militants finished badly in their own folk theater. Their spectacle was finally exposed through the footage made by Yevgeny Poddubny's film crew. In Douma, Vesti reporters found Hassan Diab — the boy whom the White Helmets used on April 7th in their shootings. For participation in this farce (a hungry child was poured from a hose, imitating first aid for poisoning) the boy received dates and cookies, according to his father Omar. There was no talk about any poisoning. Now, the UN staff will be able to learn the truth.
Vasily Nebenzya, Russian Representative to the UN: „We already have this report with subtitles, we will distribute it to the member countries and journalists and at the next Security Council meeting, we will find a chance to show it on the screen“.
The video will be also sent to the American mission. After Tomahawk strikes, Nikki Haley rushed to announce new sanctions against Russia for Syria, by which she incurred the wrath the White House's master.
A journalist: „How are your relations with President Trump?“
Nikki Haley: „Excellent“.
The so-called Skripal case has lasted for a month and a half. During this time, the Russian side asked the UK 47 questions having received partial answers to only two of them. But the topic will not be left off. If London goes on silent, Russia itself will convene a Security Council meeting.
Valentin Bogdanov, Ivan Utkin, Vesti, New York.
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