The Evidence Keeps Piling Up: Ballistics Reports and Crime Scene Forensics Raise Doubt About «Gas Cylinders» 

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up: Ballistics Reports and Crime Scene Forensics Raise Doubt About «Gas Cylinders»
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New evidence that the Douma chemical attack was staged was discovered in Syria. The fact they the directors of this performance didn't even try to hide its traces indicates their extreme negligence.
Our military correspondent Alexander Bilibov saw it. It's Douma that was alleged to have suffered a chemical attack by the Syrian government on April 7. A regular block of flats near the city center. We go to the third floor, where there is allegedly evidence of the chemical attack, the cylinder with chlorine. Even a glance reveals many inconsistencies.
Pay attention to some of them. First, this hole is alleged to have been made by the cylinder. Even if it fell from a height of several hundred meters, there is not a scratch on it. Had it really fallen, the cylinder would have explode or damaged. Secondly, its capacity is about 70-80 liters. It contradicts the White Helmets who said that the people affected by the chemical attack had been in the basement.
The cylinder is now on the third floor. Such an amount of chlorine isn't enough to poison people. Here's another thing. There's carving for a tap, it can be seen that the tap wasn't knocked out, but removed manually. And the cylinder was simply brought here. It's another place where a chemical bomb allegedly was dropped. There are many inconsistencies too. Experts of the Russian NBC Protection Troops confirm it. They conducted a detailed analysis of the circumstances of the incident.
Sergei Kikot, Deputy Chief of Russian NBC Protection Troops: «Ballistic examination has showed that the location of the chlorine cylinder and the hole in the roof are separated by such a distance that it excludes any projectile drop from the aircraft. When inspecting the remains of the broken roof, missile fins were found which apparently had broken the ceiling. Although we do not exclude that the roof was artificially broken.»
Surprisingly, after the drop of more than 100 kg cylinder in small room, small dishes and interior items remained intact. By the way, the fake video shows is perfectly too. The bed is also almost intact. The examination of the stairs reveals how the cylinder got into the apartment. There are yellow traces (the cylinder is of the same color), chips, traces of dragging on the steps. Another proof that the chemical attack was staged can be found downstairs. It's Ahmed, safe and sound man, and his chickens which he breeds in the apartment and which survived the chemical attack.
Ahmed: «On that day I was sitting in the basement with the rest of the residents. When I went out I was said that the door was broken in the apartment upstairs. I got up and saw the cylinder there».
Whoever was the director of this performance, their goal is clear, to destabilize the region. The  report is supposed to put an end to this story. The organization's experts have already visited Douma and inspected both cylinders, took necessary samples and sent them to a laboratory for research.
Alexander Bilibov, Sergey Truskov and Mikhail Yemelin for Vesti from Douma, Syria.
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