Satellite system «Skif» meant for Arctic can supply the whole world with internet 

Фото: Чердак
The low-orbit satellite system «Skif» is intended to provide internet access with the speed up to 15 Gb/s primarily at remote under-populated spots in Arctic where it is very inefficient to map new fiber optical connection lines. The system is created on the basis of space platform of middle class «Express 1000» which has been developed by the company «Information satellites systems».
«We are launching first 6 devices and cover all area located higher than 45 degrees north latitude and lower than 45 degrees south latitude. The connection will be available constantly, all twenty-four seven. In the region of equatorial zones, we will first have breaks: the connection will be available 20 hours followed by 4 hours timeout. When we start next six devices, we reach the full coverage of the whole globe without breaks, » — Doniants said.
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