BREAKING: Sergei Skripal Finally Released From Hospital, Whisked Away to Safe House by MI5 

Back to the news from Salisbury. Sergey Skripal was released from the hospital. The information was shared by the British National Healthcare Service. Yelena Balayeva is reporting live from London.
— Greetings, Yelena. What's the latest news?
— Greetings. Indeed, the Salisbury Hospital is a part of the National Healthcare System. During today's press release, they announced that Sergey Skripal was no longer their patient They released him from the hospital but didn't specify when exactly. It might have happened today, a couple of days, or even a week ago. They also didn't specify when he left Salisbury. It appears the hospital is not going to inform journalists like they did in April when Yulia Skripal was released. It seems that's the only information we'll get from the hospital.
They also stressed that even though Skripals were no longer their patients they still have their right for privacy. The hospital is not going to share any information about the current condition of Sergey and Yulia and the details of their treatment. The Salisbury Hospital basically stated that from now on they have nothing to do with Skripals and it's not going to share any further comments or details.
The most interesting question is the current location of Sergey Skripal. The hospital refused to comment. We can assume that he was transported from the hospital by the Scotland Yard officers to the guarded safe house. When Yulia Skripal was released in April the newspapers argued about her location. There were reports of her being in some rural area in a hospital at a military base. We can speculate that Sergey Skripal is there as well. We don't know for sure when he was released and there's no photo or video evidence of him leaving the hospital building.
We don't know anything about his condition, whether he left on his feet or in a wheelchair and how he currently looks. I'd like to remind that since March 4 when Skripals were attacked according to the version of the Scotland Yard no photo of these people has been published.
— Thank you, Yelena. Yelena Balayeva shared the latest news from Salisbury where Sergey Skripal was released from hospital.
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